6.2.3 - Why Now? Digital healthcare Need & Application

Physicians' burdened



Telehealth serves as a Digital Front Door

Healthcare cost needs to be controlled

Epidemic of Physician Burnout

Healthcare access identified as one of the major reason for Social In-equality

Pandemic is the perfect Storm that unearthed the inner inefficiencies in Healthcare system. Digital Health with augmented clinical intelligence is the only Solution. - Junaid Kalia MD

How COVID-19 Has Accelerated Digital Transformation in Healthcare

How Tech Can Turn Doctors Into Clerical Workers

The Threat That Electronic Health Records And Machine Learning Pose To Physicians’ Clinical Judgment — And Their Well-being. - By Abraham Verghese

Why Doctors Hate their Computers


1 out of 3 Clinicians Frustrated with Health Tech Half the time

Frustration With Technology and its Relation to Emotional Exhaustion Among Health Care Workers: Cross-sectional Observational Study

This study found that frustration with technology and several other markers of work-life integration are independently associated with emotional exhaustion among health care workers. Frustration with technology is common but not ubiquitous among health care workers, and it is one of several work-life integration factors associated with emotional exhaustion. Minimizing frustration with health care technology may be an effective approach in reducing burnout among health care workers.