Prelude 0.1:
Change Changed!

Prelude 0.1: Change Changed!

0.01 - Change Changed! - Understanding Logarithmic to Algorithmic Change

We need to understand that the change itself is rapidly changing and we're not going to see the pace of change as slow as it is today. Due to the digital transformation, there’s going to be radically different healthcare soon and we can see it already in many sectors like industry, finance, education, etc.


Difference Between Industry & Healthcare


Human-Machine Interaction

Machine-Machine Interaction


Human-Human Interaction

Multi-Disciplinary Teams

The transformation in Healthcare and Medine takes a little longer and more effort because it's a cultural change and not just a workflow change.

Knowledge vs People Management


It is not just about Knowledge it is really about People (Patient, Family, Team)

Medical Knowledge Doubles every 3 months

“The pace of change will never be as slow as it is today” - Sue Siegel

There are three main challenges

  1. Growth of knowledge - The growth of knowledge is increasing exponentially. It is said that medical knowledge is doubling every 73 days.
  2. Technological Advancement - Physicians need to learn the limitations of these new different techs and devices like HealthcareIOT, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, etc., to better understand and serve their patients.
  3. Healthcare reform - Nobody reimbursed telehealth before, but now there’s an openness from both Congress and Senate to completely reimburse telehealth at all levels, including federal and state.

DATA - Not Oil Most Valuable Resource

Those companies with high-quality data are considered the pinnacle of business investment and we can see companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, not just because of their technologies (which is important!), but also because they have a massive amount of data that is considered more valuable than gold and oil.


Artificial Intelligence at the heart of ALL disruptive innovation

AI remains to be the technology enabler and will be the basis of all disruptive innovation.