# - Logarithmic to Algorithmic Change - Industry 4.0 to Healthcare 4.0

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A.1 - Understanding Logarithmic to Algorithmic Change


A.2 - Difference Between Industry & Healthcare


Human-Machine Interaction

Machine-Machine Interaction


Human-Human Interaction

Multi Disciplinary Teams

Knowledge vs People Management


It is not just about Knowledge it is really about People (Patient, Family, Team)

Medical Knowledge Doubles every 3 months

“The pace of change will never be as slow as it is today” - Sue Siegel

Change is Changed

A.3 - DATA - Not Oil Most Valuable Resource


A.4 - Artificial Intelligence at the heart of ALL disruptive innovation


A.5 - Industry 4.0 & Digital Transformation

Industry 4.0 & Digital Transformation

A.6 - Healthcare 4.0 & Digital Transformation

Healthcare 4.0 & Digital Transformation

A.7 - Pandemic & Digital Transformation

Pandemic & Digital Transformation

A.8 - The Age of Disruption

The Age of Disruption

A.9 - Cultural Shift Accelerated

Cultural Shift Accelerated

A.10 - Digital Transformation of Healthcare

Digital Transformation of Healthcare

A.11 - Understanding Exponential Change

Understanding Exponential Change

A.12 - Embrace & Prepare

Embrace & Prepare