Prelude 0.8: Understanding Exponential Change

Prelude 0.8: Understanding Exponential Change

So, these are a collection of resources that everyone should watch/read/listen to, in their own time.

This book will help you understand where a new sharing, global economy comes in.


Must Watch 👇

Kevin Kelly is a fantastic writer and 12 years ago, he wrote a book about the internet and how it will revolutionize the world. Whereas in this book, he wrote about the 12 technological forces that will shape our future!

Klaus Schwab is the founder and chairman of the world economic forum and he even wrote a textbook on the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

👆 The Ds of Industry 4.0 that I talked about in "Industry 4.0 & Digital Transformation" actually comes from this book.

Comes from the author Azeem Azhar who writes the very popular Newsletter Exponential View

This is the care model that I talked about and it's an open-access journal so anyone can access it.

Now that you learned all of this, the only question that prevails is, how will you respond to this change?