5.2 - Benefits of Telehealth

Comparison In-Person vs Telehealth



  • Physical Requirements
    • Time off of work/School
    • Gather data
    • Travel/Parking
  • Written/Printed education material
    • Forgotten
    • Misplaced
  • F/u
    • Cumbersome
    • In Months
  • Near universal access
  • Material given via chat box
    • Headache diary APP
    • Video education link on Migraine prevention
  • Material emailed and available online for review anytime by not just patient but family
  • F/u
    • Fast, reliable with data
    • In days to weeks

Three 3Cs - Convenience, Cost, Comfort


No time off

No parking

No baby sitter


↓ Cost for Provider

↓ Cost for Patient

↓ Cost for System


From your home or office

Digital tools

Faster access