A Guide to Getting into Residency in the US for International Medical Graduates (IMGs)

A Guide to Getting into Residency in the US


⚕️ Challenge:

Applying for United States residency is one of the most daunting tasks that we have to go through. There are a lot of moving parts; a lot of small steps that we have to take.

✅ Who's the Course for?

This course is dedicated to improve your efficiency in terms of time and cost and decrease the latency of getting to the right application.

  • Enhance your Strengths
  • Project yourself better
  • Improve Odds to getting to a residency interview
  • Improve Odds of getting Matched

❌ Who's the Course NOT for?

  • Macro NOT micro view of Residency application
  • NO USMLE preparation or tips
  • DO NOT expect a letter of recommendation just because you took this course
  • DO NOT expect a US clinical experience invitation
  • NOT an individualized Interview preparation program

A Guide to Getting into Residency in the US

Module 1: Timeline and Planning

1.1 - Understanding the Timeline

Understanding the Timeline

1.2 - Preparing for Application

Module 2: Application Preperation

2.1 - ERAS

ERAS Application Guide
Tips on writing ERAS App
ERAS Supplemental Application Guide

2.2 Personal Statement

Personal Statement

2.3 Letter of Recommendation

Letter of Recommendation

Module 3: Resident Selection

3.1 - Understanding Program Directors prespective

Program Directors Prespective on Resident Selection

3.2 - Role of Other Faculty in Residency Interview Season

3.3 - Role of Chief Resident in Resideny Interview Season

Module 4: Interview

Residency Interview Basics
Basics of Virtual Residency Interview

Module 5: How to Rank

How to Rank

Other Resources

Email Communication Templates

Residency Email Communication