Hi, I am Junaid, a Practicing Neurologist, sub-specialized in the field of Neurocritical Care, Stroke & Epilepsy. I provide both in-person care and acute neurology care via telemedicine.

"If anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind." - That's the philosophy which drives me.

I am a Telehealth Strategist as well, helping healthcare organizations implement Telehealth and relevant healthcare practices quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

I started my clinical career in Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center, and moved to Wisconsin in 2008, where I joined the Medical College of Wisconsin as a Research Fellow.

I started my Neurology residency in St.Louis University Hospital in 2010, where I assisted patients with Brain and Neurological disorders.

I moved to Dallas in 2015, where I joined the UT Southwestern Medical Center as a Neurocritical Care Fellow, succeeded by fellowship in Epilepsy.

I was elevated to the role of Director, Neurocritical Care and Interim Director of Stroke in Advocate Aurora Health in the Greater Milwaukee Area in 2017. I worked as a Neurointensivist till March, 2020; where I was responsible for the implementation of Telestroke, and served as an attending staff Neurologist, sub-specialized in the field of Neurocritical Care, Stroke & Epilepsy.

My current position at VeeMed involves working as a Clinical Strategist, where I assist healthcare organizations and physician practices to implement telehealth with cost-effective clinical strategies.

I am interested in imparting clinical education and founded AINeuroCare.com, a next-generation Neurology educational platform focusing on Acute Inpatient Neurology Care, educating providers in the changing landscape of care delivery with telemedicine and AI.

I am deeply interested in Telehealth, and willing to assist establishments with their Telehealth Strategies and implementation.