JSK - LP Procedure Note


Procedure: Lumbar Puncture

Indications: Rule out meningitis

Consent: *** Emergent Procedure Consent applied

Anesthesia: 10 cc 1% lidocaine

Procedure: L4-L5 interspace palapated and back cleaned with betadine; patient draped in sterile fashion; 10 cc lidocaine used; 20 gauge spinal advanced til return of CSF; sent for study; Spinal needle removed and bandage placed on back after spinal needle removed

Opening Pressure: *** mm Hg Collection: *** cc collected CSF appearance: *** EBL: *** ml

Complications: None

Studies: CSF Cell count with Differential, CSF Protein CSF Glucose CSF Rapid Meningitis panel CSF culture and smear Other as clinically indicated

Post Procedure Instructions: Patient to lay flat for 3 hours after procedure If develops HA give IV fluids and caffeine drinks

Patient tolerated the procedure well.